Our Triple Guarantee

Our Triple Guarantee gives you complete protection. In brief, we guarantee

1) your order will arrive exactly as you approved it.
2) your order will be shipped by the date promised
3) if the order is incorrect in any way we will redo or refund, your choice.

Let’s go over the shipping detail for a moment, just in case you have a fast-approaching deadline event –

We ship most orders via UPS or FedEx. These are good companies and most of the time they deliver within their expected time frame. Our guarantee is we will ship by the date we promised to you. However, once the order is with UPS or FedEx, we cannot guarantee that they will not have unexpected delays.

The key to making sure you get your order when you need it – and the reason that virtually every single order that we ship arrives on time – is because we discuss delivery options with you. We try to figure how to add in extra “buffer” days, just in case something unexpected happens.

So, even though we cannot guarantee the service of UPS and FedEx, by planning for the unexpected we make it extremely unlikely that your order will not arrive by your need date.