Competitor Price Challenge

Our prices are very competitive but on occasion you may find a lower price elsewhere. We want your business, so we would love the opportunity to see if we can match or beat the other price.

There is another good reason to alert us if you have found a lower price, and that’s because the lower price might be due to lower quality which you might want to be aware of.

An example of this happened when a school was placing an order for lapel pins. They found the pins at a lower cost elsewhere and brought it to our attention. It turned out that they were comparing our pins, which were cloisonné and were the quality they needed for their award program, with lower cost and cheaper-looking baked enamel pins. In photos both pins look similar, but in actuality the look and feel is much different. Their inquiry saved them from ordering the wrong pins.

Like all of us, you want to spend as little as possible. We would love to help.