About Us

If you really want to know …

My name is Jack Malki and I started this company back in 1982.

I had recently graduated college with a degree in liberal arts. Needless to say, no recruiters were calling me with job offers. That was just fine because in college I developed a fascination with business and entrepreneurship, so I did not want a job. I wanted to start my own business.

The question was, what type of business did I want to be in? I had worked in a variety of odd jobs, but nothing got me excited until I discovered the promotional products industry – the industry that puts custom logos and messages on different products. To me, this was fun. It was creative. It involved working closely with different people to create the final product.

So in August 1982 I came up with the company name of Apple Advertising Products, ordered some business cards and letterhead, built a desk in my bedroom with a piece of plywood resting on two file cabinets, and I was in business.

Maybe it was luck or sweat or divine intervention, or possibly a combination of all three, but by 1984 I had artists and salespeople and assistants and the business had grown to the point were I moved out of the bedroom and into commercial offices in Walnut Creek, CA (in the San Francisco Bay Area).

So, how did School Colors start?

Well, Apple Advertising was selling to businesses. Some of my clients at those businesses had children in local schools and were active in their school activities. So they would ask me to provide products for their school. In a short time, largely through referral and word-of-mouth, the school business became a large part of the total business so we decided to start School Colors just to focus on schools.

I am not quite sure why, but I love working with schools. For some reason, I get excited about making stuff for schools. Never expected that, but it is what it is. Today, School Colors is my primary focus. Our school clients range from pre-schools to high schools to universities across the country.

Our school clients love us. I know “love” is a dramatic word, but I can’t tell you how many times our clients have told us that they love working with us.

If you are not yet placing orders with us, I hope we’ll be working with you soon.

Thanks for reading all this,

Jack Malki
School Colors